Before lawn bowls came to be played at Henley, there existed a Grange & Henley Beach Bowling Club in Swan Street, Grange. The club was formed in 1907 and existed until 1922, when it became the Grange Bowling Club following the departure of the Henley contingent of the partnership.

In March 1922, at a meeting in the Council Chamber with then Mayor of the City of Henley & Grange, Mr M Kerrison and perhaps the ‘Henley contingent’, it was resolved that the “Henley Recreation Association” be established with the objective of providing for the playing of lawn bowls, tennis and croquet.

By the end of the month, Lots 50, 51 and 52 facing East Terrace and Lots 86, 87 and 88 facing Clarence Street in Henley Beach were secured with ‘the right to purchase’.

The official opening of the Henley Recreation Association and in part, the birth of the Henley Bowling Club was held on Saturday 10 November 1923. The next three decades saw the bowls club grow and with a decline in the membership of the other two tenants, a
‘take-over’ was in motion.

In April 1961, a Special General Meeting of the HRA Committee of Management endorsed the Henley Bowling Club to acquire the legal ownership of control of the whole of lands and buildings. With the tennis and croquet clubs gone, the Henley Bowling Club Inc. was now a stand-alone facility.

In October 1962, the Henley Women’s Bowling Club held its very first Opening Day, having waited patiently in the background since being formed in May 1959.

1963 saw the opening of the extended clubhouse, with further extensions in 1977 and more recently. Changes to legislation resulted in the amalgamation of mens & ladies separate administrations into the single entity today.